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More On Capel's Return

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As Jeff Capel returns to Durham, there are a lot of comments from home and Oklahoma, mostly positive, although Berry Tramel kind of swings and misses in a way in this article.

We pretty much understood what Capel was trying to say in comparing a hurricane and a tornado: a hurricane forms and you can watch it for days as it heads towards land.  You have time to get your house secured and your family safe.

It's not like that with a tornado. Yes, they can be tracked, but they start in a trice and you certainly don't have time to board up your windows or leave town.  You do have time to get to whatever safety you can find, assuming of course that it happens when you're awake.

Not being overly familiar with th situation in Norman, we can't contest Tramel's broader point, but when it comes to cyclonic activity, he groks the mercurial inland version but not the methodical ocean-born monster, or why Capel drew the distinction that he drew.

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