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Where DeCourcy Whiffed

Mike DeCourcy said this about Maryland's hiring of Mark Turgeon:

"When Miller rejected the offer, Maryland might have turned to any number of gifted coaches with demonstrated prowess in coaching and recruiting: Shaka Smart of VCU, Chris Mack of Xavier, Mick Cronin of Cincinnati, perhaps Anthony Grant of Alabama, if his interest could be stimulated.

"Instead, the Terps wound up with a choice that seemed safe, mostly because Turgeon’s name had been in other stories about other coaching searches."

Factually incorrect and also somewhat speculative.  Why? Because of this:

"Gary Williams had suggested to Maryland that it seriously look at Mark Turegon -- and it did. Turgeon also recommended by Roy Williams."

Aside from the vast video vault that every coach keeps, coaches know more about each other than most of us realize.  Williams sees Turgeon at recruiting events, conventions, and of course hears the industry gossip.  So while you hear one sort of thing about, say, a John Calipari (which we're guessing was behind Bob Knight's recent comments), you hear another about a Mark Turgeon.

Whatever his faults, Williams didn't cheat, and if he is as good a judge of coaching talent as he is of high school players, Maryland did well.

Incidentally, while Williams did recommend Turgeon, who knows what his private comments about the other potential candidates DeCourcy mentioned were? We're not suggesting anything about Shaka Smart, Chris Mack, Mick Cronin or Anthony Grant other than that Williams knows as much about them as he does about Turgeon.  It might be good, but could also be bad.

It's also worth noting that, as mentioned above, Roy Williams recommended him.  You'd expect that, given that Turgeon played for Williams, but still, it's a good sign.