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A Legendary Gary Williams Story Verified By The Sun

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The dust-up between Debbie Yow and Gary Williams has calmed down to an extent, but in this article from the Baltimore Sun, we were interested to find this passage:

I remember a few years ago when Williams cursed out a fan sitting behind the bench at an ACC tournament game. The man was there with his young daughter and wrote a letter to Yow asking for Williams to apologize. Yow told me about that too, and how she and some ACC officials went to Williams demanding that he go for anger management. Williams' response was that he went to a psychologist -- noted sports psychologist Bob Rotella, who is best known for the advice he gives to professional golfers.

"He gave me a few putting tips," Williams joked.

The reason this is interesting is because we had heard this before, without confirmation.  What we heard was this: the man was offended by Gary's language and told Williams that his young daughter was there and could he please tone down his cursing.  Supposedly, Williams then said, "F you and F your daughter!"

Possibly our favorite Gary Williams story.

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