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More On Gottfried; Presser At 5:00

We'll have more later, but our initial reaction is it's not a bad hire at all.  Mark Gottfried had a pretty good run at Alabama, he's a solid recruiter, and bear in mind that he succeeded at a football school.  Consider these basketball wastelands -- Colorado, Nebraska, Auburn. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Consider also the huge talents that have emerged in this state lately: John Wall, CJ Leslie, Rodney Purvis, Reggie Bullock and others.  He has a good chance at winning over players like that, and is in between the talent beds of Georgia, Tidewater Virginia and the Maryland/D.C. corridor as well.  Not a bad place to be for a guy who knows how to recruit.

Consider also that on Monday it appeared that State's search had blown up.  If it's a recovery, it's a good recovery.  We'll know more after State's press conference this afternoon.