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A Bit Startling

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This is indeed impressive:  why does John Feinstein go after Jim Calhoun and John Calipari?  Why, because "[t]he reality is that Feinstein is a Duke partisan who cannot stand Kentucky, and that is what drives this fallacious and indefensible commentary -- namely the fact that his favorite school was rudely dismissed from the tournament as a #1 seed while Kentucky remains. In sports vernacular, this is often called, "sour grapes," and is a notable form of bad sportsmanship.  He used Calhoun and Calipari as foils to get to Kentucky, another failure of sportsmanship."

Step back, friends, and marvel at that for a moment.

Apparently Duke fans are the only ones who have caught on to Feinstein's disdain for his alma mater.

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