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Coaching Updates: Haith To Mizzou, Smart Says No To State (New Links)

The news of Frank Haith's move to Mizzou has been met with curiosity, a certain amount of disbelief and, in some quarters, downright hostility.  among those whose opinion matters: Missouri Curator (trustee to the rest of us) David Wasinger, who has encouraged alums to express their opinions to the Curators before tonight's meeting.  Normally approving a contract is pretty routine; in this case, it may be contentious.  And since Haith has presumably resigned his Miami position, there may be no turning back.

Meanwhile, State's search has clearly zoomed in on VCU's Shaka Smart. reports that he may have an answer today; if he says no, two more candidates have said they would say yes.  So no matter who it is, State's search should end fairly soon (Update: Dave Glenn just posted that he's staying at VCU).

By the way, the Big 12 is having some serious turnover as well:  Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas Tech are all going to have new coaches next season, and if Frank Martin to Miami is realistic, possibly four.

Here's the thing about Miami:  Florida aside - and it's a tremendous recruiting territory - no one has really staked out the Caribbean.  As a son of Cuban immigrants, Martin could do that.  We assume he speaks Spanish which would help in places like Puerto Rico which could, alone,  provide a quality freshman class every year.

Puerto Rico has a passion for basketball which rivals that of the Philippines, but they have much better talent.  Logically, Miami should be the American power in the islands, and don't get us started on what might happen if they could recruit in Cuba.