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Let's Go Bulldogs!

May we just say this about Butler: if it had been anyone but Duke last year, we would have pulled hard for the Bulldogs.  This year we have and will Monday night as well.  It's an amazing story they didn't get to finish last year, thankfully, but we hope they can take home the trophy this time.  They were every bit as deserving as Duke was.  It's an amazing and compelling program.

We went back to the Florida and VCU games and watched, and in the closing minutes of both, Butler was phenomenally smart and disciplined.  In the closing minutes against VCU, for instance, they outrebounded the Rams 9-3.  Toss in a block and it's no wonder they won. And against Florida, everyone wondered why the Gators felt compelled to chunk up outside shots with the game on the line.  That's easy: because of stuff like this. This guy has some really smart insights into Butler.  If you're wagering (not that we recommend it), you should read this first.

Go Bulldogs!