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UCF - Fast Rise, Faster Fall?

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Every so often, somebody peels back the facade of recruiting and shows a distinctly uglier side of the game.  This time, it's Pete Thamel, as he explains the mysterious de-commitment of Andre Ware, who has dumped Central Florida.  Here's why: a guy named Kenneth Caldwell, who has an extensive criminal record, "called [Ware] repeatedly to talk up Central Florida, traveled to Atlanta to meet with his family and even arranged joint phone conversations with the university’s basketball coach, Donnie Jones, and his staff — contact prohibited by the N.C.A.A."

A runner in other words, allegedly anyway.

When he found out what Caldwell wasn't telling him about himself, Ware changed plans.  His mother is plenty mad, too: “I’m pretty much just disgusted. Who dreams of something that’s supposed to be about the kids and the achievements he’s received to this point to receive a scholarship? It has been made something dirty. I feel violated.”

Well put and understandable. UCF and coach Donnie Jones have some 'splainin' to do.  Here's more from ESPN's Pat Forde.

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