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Anthony Grant Steps Up

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Back in 2001, William Langewiesche published a remarkable account of the immediate aftermath of the murderous attacks in New York.  His focus was what he called the quintessentially American response which saw people assuming responsibilities which would ordinarily be beyond them and rising to greatness.

We expect the same thing is happening in Alabama.  One guy who is stepping up:  Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant, who has set up the Sweet Home Fund at Bryant Bank in Tuscaloosa.  He and his staff also spent Friday passing out supplies to people who were devastated by the tornado which swept through town on Wednesday.

"I had a chance to go through the areas and I cannot imagine what they're showing on TV but it won't do it justice," Grant told ESPN's Andy Katz. "It's unbelievable...I want to do everything I can to help everyone here. This is going to be in the forefront of our minds for a long time to come."

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