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From The Mailbag!

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We love this kind of stuff - thanks Commander!

Gents: When Butler won today, my first thought (as I am sure some others might have thought as well) was: I wonder how Gordon Hayward is feeling right about now? Caused me to check out his Wikipedia entry. One anecdote was quite ironic and worth sharing:

"As [Hayward's] parents left Lucas Oil Stadium after the NCAA final, they had one final exchange regarding their son's basketball future. His mother said, "If God wanted him to go to the NBA, he would have hit the shot," but his father responded, "What else is he going to do, get Butler all the way back to the final and hit the shot?"

Answer (effective today): Just maybe - but he will unfortunately never know. Regardless, Go Butler!


Commander Jonathan Odom

Navy JAG and Trinity '93
Joint Support Force - Japan (deployed for disaster relief ops)

My lunchtime routine out here is to surf your website for the latest hoops news - thanks for such a great product to boost morale, half a world away!!!!

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