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A Kyrie Assessment

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This is a sober and serious assessment of Kyrie Irving's NBA potential.  The guy has put a lot of thought into it.  That said, we don't agree with his conclusions.  When we watched Irving, when healthy, we saw a guy who reminded us of Chris Paul and Isaiah Thomas, a player who has a highly unusual sense of where the game is going and how to get himself (or the ball) there first.

One of the problems he had was that he got to play so very little.  Yet in that time, we saw him do some incredible things.  His basketball IQ is, we think, extraordinary.

This reminds one a bit of the old argument over Larry Bird: when he joined the NBA, there was a lot of talk about his lack of footspeed.  Well, within a few weeks, people realized that he had extraordinary hand-eye coordination and that his footspeed was (nearly) irrelevant.

A similar argument went on a year or two about Stephen Curry.  We know how that ended as well.

We'll see.  Our guess though is that Irving's improvement, already a steep curve, will continue and probably accelerate.

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