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A Look At ACC Attendance

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The Washington Times took a look at Maryland's attendance Wednesday morning and found it had dropped a bit -- the Terps were down 11.2% from last year, not surprising perhaps given their struggles.  Yet they were still 14th nationally.

Total ACC Attendance 2010-11
North Carolina 19,144
Maryland 14,910
N.C. State 13,779
Virginia 10,156
Florida State 9,327
Duke 9,314
Wake Forest 9,199
Virginia Tech 8,932
Clemson 8,289
Georgia Tech 6,095
Boston College 5,324
Miami 4,763
See full chart here

They then followed up on that with a look around the conference. FSU was up 27.1%, but much of that may have been due to the home games with Duke, UNC, Florida and Ohio State.

Carolina and State both registered solid gains, while Wake and Georgia Tech fell by almost 25% over the previous season.

Somewhat surprisingly, Clemson fell 12.4%.

And Duke?  0.0.  No tickets go unsold and haven't for a very long time.

Note also that despite struggles at Wake and State, both places still sold plenty of tickets.  We would expect Georgia Tech to pick up post-Hewitt, and we'll see about the laggards, Big East refugees B.C. and Miami.

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