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PC, Keno Davis & Jamine Peterson: The Truth Emerges?

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When we heard that Providence had fired Keno Davis after just three seasons, it seemed a bit abrupt.  He was hired as a rising star, and three seasons isn't enough time to really establish a program.

Turns out our instinct may have been correct. Jamine Peterson, who left PC last spring under murky circumstances, has spoken out.  Apparently the coaches told him and and some other players to take some recruits out "and show them a good time," which involved a student who described oral sex as her "hobby" and her career ambition to become a porn star.

Peterson declined to say how many times she had done this, but said "[l]et's just say she's in double figures."

As it turns out, Peterson said that finding a willing young woman to service recruits was at PC, as it is at many schools, a bit of a tradition.

This had followed three violent off-court incidents involving PC players, and being a Catholic school -- we're trying hard not to put a joke here, given recent scandals -- a potential sex scandal following three violent incidents, well, that just can't be tolerated.

You will remember that it was a sex scandal that ended Mike Jarvis' tenure with St. John's.

Davis wasn't fired after those events, but after this season.  Still, the spate of violence, the willingness to use women not to mention a pattern of giving oral sex to teenage boys, no less pleasing to the Church, particularly these days, all apparently with the knowledge of the coaching staff -- and even if they didn't, they did try to keep it quiet -- add it all up, toss in a mediocre record, and it's no wonder that PC president Father Shanley made changes.

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