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UK, UConn Under Fresh Scrutiny

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On the eve of the Final Four, Jim Calhoun cannot be pleased to see that Nate Miles, the recruit at the heart of the NCAA investigation, is talking, making specific accusations involving Calhoun, UConn and Josh Nochimson, including:

  • that UConn assistant Tom Moore introduced him to Nochimson
  • that Calhoun lied to the NCAA investigators on several occasions
  • that once he committed, Nochimson provided him with shoes, clothes and $250 every three days

There's a lot more.  You can read the NYT article here.

Meanwhile, Kentucky has their own issue to deal with as former assistant director of basketball operations/manager Bilal Batley stands accused of, well, violating the restriction on telephone calls at both Memphis and Kentucky (he was a student manager for Kelvin Sampson at Oklahoma as well and helped work the phones there as well).

Toss UConn in and you have a theme going, and just in time to reinforce the other Final Four theme: that of arrogant, corrupt programs on the one hand vs. smaller schools who are there under vastly different circumstances.

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