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DeCourcy On UNC Next Season

Mike DeCourcy takes a look at UNC's prospects next season and says, quite rightly, that there's no point in handing the trophy over in April.  They do have some concerns.

DeCourcy lists perimeter shooting, stopping the ball and attacking the lane.  The first should be no major concern between P.J. Hairston, Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock and Leslie McDonald.

By next season, the defense should be improved and they can mask Kendall Marshall's weakness on that end (plus he should be better, too).

Attacking the lane is no sure thing, although Strickland can do it and Barnes certainly has the ability to do so.

But the bigger concern is likely going to be chemistry.  How do you keep everyone happy?  You're going to have to incorporate James McAdoo and Hairston certainly, and possibly Desmond Hubert as well.

We think John Henson is an amazing talent, but he has some definite limitations at this point.  McAdoo has none of those.  That could be a tough sell.

Five starters return, but it's entirely possible that Hairston could leapfrog both McDonald and Strickland.  That could also be a tough sell.

Reggie Bullock has to fit in somewhere as well, and now that he's no longer needed in the frontcourt, what do you with Justin Watts?

The only incoming freshman who would seem to have a clearly defined role, in fact, is Stilman White, who comes as a backup point for a year before taking a two-year Mormon mission.

That's 12 guys who will all be good enough to expect minutes.

Somebody's going to have to sit, and if you haven't noticed lately, either Roy Williams has misread his recruits or been unable to manage minutes, because about a quarter of the roster from two seasons ago will be practicing in Pauley Pavilion this fall instead of the Dean Dome (and don't forget Alex Stepheson also finished his career in L.A.).