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Banquet - Singler, Smith Co-MVPs

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To absolutely no one's surprise, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler were named co-MVP's at the Duke Men's Basketball banquet.  Some years you could argue the point; this year, there was no way to contest it.

A tough question: do you retire one's jersey? Or both? They both exemplify something special and unique.

Mason Plumlee won our favorite award, the Dr. Deryl Hart Award for the Top Scholar-Athlete, with better than a 3.9 GPA. It's hard to single out guys on this team because they all worked their tails off, but you have to give props to Ryan Kelly for his dramatic improvement.

All in all, a good night for DeAndre Daniels to get a sense for what Duke is all about.

Here are some Blue Planet photos from the banquet, and a couple of retrospective senior videos as well. They weren't working earlier but are now.

2010-11 Duke Men's Basketball Award Winners

  • Swett-Baylin Award (Most Valuable Player): Kyle Singler & Nolan Smith
  • Dr. Deryl Hart Award (Top Scholar-Athlete): Mason Plumlee
  • Glenn E. "Ted" Mann, Jr., Award (Reserve Contributing Most to Team Morale): Tyler Thornton
  • Coach's Award (Player Exemplifying the Commitment and Values of Duke Basketball while Displaying Overall Improvement): Ryan Kelly
  • Iron Dukes Award (Most Minutes Played): Kyle Singler
  • Bill Krzyzewski Captains' Awards: Kyle Singler & Nolan Smith
  • Best Field Goal Percentage Award: Mason Plumlee
  • Best Rebounding Average Award: Mason Plumlee
  • Best Free Throw Percentage Award: Nolan Smith
  • Most Assists Award: Nolan Smith
  • Best Defensive Player Award: Kyle Singler
  • Gopal Varadhan Senior Manager Award: Sarah Helfer & Pat Thompson
  • Harry Rainey Spirit Award: Hattie Cutcliffe
  • Charles Hogan Memorial Band Award: Paige Bartley
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