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New Miami A.D. - We'll Look At Everybody

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It didn't take new Miami A.D. Shawn Eichorst to make clear that he would be in charge of the basketball coaching search.  Check out his introductory comments:

“Please take note: to this point, no individual has been excluded from consideration...[a]nyone that has interest in being the basketball coach here at the University of Miami will get consideration.”

Translation: Frank Martin, we'll be in touch.

He could have said this instead: "We are searching for someone who will uphold the high values of the University of Miami, who will compete at the highest levels athletically while maintaining the academic standards for which this university is justly acclaimed.

Translation: tough luck, Frank.

You have to have a certain admiration for his quick assertion of power, but Martin would be a mixed blessing, a source of controversy in his hometown.  People haven't forgotten his high school career and the problems that ended up ending his career there(in fairness, they were never officially laid at his feet).  His association with Bob Huggins, who has caused a certain amount of controversy and rumors throughout his career, may also have been a factor for Miami previously.

Is that all forgotten with Eichorst?  We'll know soon enough.  Martin has gone out of his way to make it clear he'll do just about anything for that job.  If Eichorst wants him, he can certainly bag him. And for better or worse, that would change things in the ACC.

And recruiting would be really interesting, because a Cuban-American coach at Miami could really recruit the heck out of the Caribbean, and there is a ton of talent there, starting with Puerto Rico and, in a slightly different more open world, Cuba as well.

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