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Miami Close To Naming Coach; Amaker, Capel On List?

Miami has a busy week: aside from hiring a basketball coach, they're also out an A.D.  Current candidates include Virginia Commonwealth’s Norwood Teague, Cal’s Sandy Barbour, ACC associate commissioner Michael Kelly, Georgia Tech's Dan Radakovich, and acting athletic director Tony Hernandez.

They'll probably hire a coach first and possibly by the end of Monday. Not an easy task to hire someone who doesn't know who his boss is going to be, but they are using Parker Executive Search, so that might make life a bit easier.

Frank Martin is off the list, but new names are Mike Davis, Tony Barbee, Tommy Amaker and Jeff Capel, John Pelphrey, Billy Kennedy of Murray State and, despite his recent extension at Richmond, Chris Mooney is being mentioned as well.

Apparently Mike Davis did not get an extension at UAB, which is a bit surprising.  It's not like he's been awful.

We hope that Amaker and Capel look elsewhere. It won't be much fun rooting against them.