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An Unbelievably Brutal Rip On Big John Thompson

We're not even sure where to start with this: a guy in D.C. has penned an absolute take down of former Georgetown coach John Thompson. His allegations:

  • Thompson made academic advisor Mary Finley his mistress
  • He stalked his wife when she wanted a divorce
  • Thompson himself hung the notorious racist banner in 1972 in order to make it impossible for Georgetown to fire him
  • That Thompson lied about his famous confrontation with drug lord Rayful Edmond
  • That he, in conjunction with David Falk and another man, paid players

There's more.  Either it's the most amazing indictment of a corrupt human being or this guy is going to be sued for everything he has.  You'd think that Thompson and Falk almost have to sue him.  If it's not true, this can never be allowed to stand.  In the 19th century, it'd be pistols at dawn.