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An Open Letter From Matthew Laurance To Kyle Singler & Nolan Smith

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Dear Nolan and Kyle,

As I sit here the morning after, listening to fans from all over the country celebrate Duke's loss, I'm compelled to put my feelings out there as well.

I'm sorry that your careers at Duke had to end the way that they did. I'm heartbroken that the last time you wore that jersey it was covered in tears mixed with your sweat. Having been in Duke locker rooms when a game in the tournament ends in a loss for 9 of my 10 years behind the bench, I know how badly it hurts.

It hurts for all of us.

But that hurt is infinitesimal compared to the pride we all feel having watched you both grow into the men you've become. No one has ever worn that uniform with greater distinction than the two of you. No one has ever given more, or been more committed, than the two of you. No one has ever represented Duke, its fans, and its heritage better than the two of you.

Living in a place where hating Duke and its players is commonplace, I have never been prouder of being part of the Duke family than I am today.......and it has nothing to do with wins or losses.

It has to do with truly knowing that Duke Basketball is Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler, and that if my two sons grow up to be anything like the men that the two of you are, my heart will overflow with joy.

From the bottom of all our hearts..........thank you.


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