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Wildcats Getting Testy!

Looks like Arizona's kids are getting fired up for their encounter with the Blue Devils.  Check it out.

Great line by Lute Olson at the end of this piece, by the way:

Already fed up with Duke's resistance at scheduling games with Arizona, then-coach Lute Olson said he received a call from CBS saying Duke agreed to face the Wildcats in East Rutherford, N.J. "I said, 'You know what? We'll play the neutral-site game in Phoenix or the Pond (of Anaheim, Calif.),'" Olson said. "'But other than that, you just call Duke up and tell them to go fly a kite.' "

As we recall it, part of the reluctance to schedule Arizona was the sense that it was hard to get a fair game from PAC-10 officials.  Nothing new there: after Duke lost to USC in the '70s, the commissioner felt compelled to apologize for the officiating.

There were no public complaints, but we remember a similar sense about the '91 game in Tucson.