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ACC Roundup!

Only one ACC game Tuesday night as Clemson survived Boston College, 77-69.

Wednesday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Miami @ Wake Forest 7:00 RSN
Longwood @ Maryland 8:00 Nah
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 8-1 .889 21-2 .913
North Carolina 7-1 .875 17-5 .773
Florida State 6-3 .667 16-7 .696
Clemson 6-4 .600 17-7 .708
Virginia Tech 5-4 .556 15-7 .682
Maryland 5-4 .556 15-8 .652
Boston College 5-5 .500 15-9 .625
Miami 3-6 .333 14-9 .609
Virginia 3-6 .333 12-11 .522
Georgia Tech 3-6 .333 10-12 .455
NC State 2-7 .222 12-11 .522
Wake Forest 1-7 .125 8-15 .348

With the win, Clemson moves to fourth place and closer to a school record fourth straight NCAA bid. On Saturday, they will get Carolina right after the Duke game.  Win or lose, that game takes a lot out of anybody, and it's a huge opportunity for the Tigers.

On Wednesday, hapless Wake Forest visits Miami.  They will do so without Melvin Tabb, who has been dismissed for the season.

He joins Larry Drew and Billy Baron as February departees from the ACC,  although in his case it was not by  choice.

Jeff Bzdelik said that it was because of "conduct detrimental to the team."

By coincidence,  Tabb joins CJ Leslie as two forwards from Raleigh who have had trouble lately.

Also departing the scene, although only temporarily: Georgia Tech's Brian Oliver, who will miss  at least three weeks with a broken thumb.

That's a tough loss for Paul Hewitt, who we believe is now fighting for his job. No one has said anything, but the fact that they had to put the tickets to the Clemson game on sale for half price is an omen: fans are bailing out and they can't ignore that.  After they go for the coach, the A.D. is next up.

By the way, speaking of Wake Forest, hats off to baseball coach Tom Walter, who gave a kidney to his player Kevin Jordan. That's a truly generous thing for the coach to do and we couldn't be more impressed.

Funny/sad note for Maryland: after the hysteria for the Duke team, a skimpy crowd showed up for Wake Forest.

And one other note: there may have been some funny business with tickets at the Duke game.  Interesting bit here.

Good thing it can't happen again!