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What's Up With The Spartans?

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Ohio State 10-0 23-0
Purdue 7-3 18-5
Wisconsin 6-3 16-5
Illinois 5-4 15-7
Penn State 5-5 12-9
Michigan State 5-5 13-9
Minnesota 5-5 16-6
Northwestern 3-7 13-8
Indiana 3-7 12-11
Michigan 3-7 13-10
Iowa 2-8 9-13
Duke 7-1 20-2
North Carolina 6-1 16-5
Florida State 6-2 16-6
Virginia Tech 5-3 15-6
Boston College 4-4 14-8
Maryland 4-4 14-8
Clemson 4-4 15-7
Virginia 3-5 12-10
Georgia Tech 3-5 10-11
North Carolina State 2-6 12-10
Miami (FL) 2-6 13-9
Wake Forest 1-6 8-14

When they played in Cameron earlier this year, Michigan state look like a team destined for the Final Four.  No more. The Spartans have collapsed.

Since then, they have fallen to 13-9 and lost four of their last five. The one win was an overtime affair against still-rebuilding Indiana, and not necessarily something to brag about.

Interesting that this happened after Izzo wisely decided not coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. There is a bit of a pattern of guys considering, or in some cases taking and then giving up new positions, only to find out that their previous positions aren't working out so well either. Consider Bobby Cremins, Billy Donovan, and now Izzo.

We have no doubt he'll get things straightened out eventually, but this season is looking like a train  wreck.

Incidentally, for all the talk of how poorly the ACC is doing, we're not sure the Big Ten is living up to expectations either.  Of course Ohio State is doing very well, and Purdue is not bad.  Wisconsin is reliably tough.

After that though, everyone has at least seven losses, and only Illinois is above .500 in the conference.  Northwestern, a team which started  the season with  great hopes, has fallen to mediocrity again.

Obviously, you have to look at who the losses are to and that has really hurt the ACC this season. Nonetheless, this is supposed to be a Big Ten sort of year, and with their flagship team collapsing, it hasn't worked out that way.

Actually, if you look down the potential matchups 1-12, the ACC doesn't match up that badly at all.

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