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Maryland - The Riot Is Apparently On Line

Unable to answer on the court or in the streets, Maryland fans just moved their rage online.  Check this loser Justin Sherman out on Twitter. For those who might not know, Nolan Smith lost his father, traumatically, when he was just nine years old.  One hopes Maryland fans would shout this guy down, but that seems unlikely given their history.

Nolan D. Smith

NdotSmitty Nolan D. Smith

Ay yo u need to watch your mouth slim! Real talk! RT @JDSherman22: @NdotSmitty your a f****ing c**t and your dad is burning in hell

Justin Sherman

JDSherman22 Justin Sherman

by NdotSmitty

@NdotSmitty @sdotcurry @kyrieirving F*** you and F*** Duke. I hope your bus your gets in an accident and you all get paralyzed

His tweets are now protected, but here is his facebook.