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ACC Roundup!

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In Wednesday night ACC action,Virginia upset Clemson 49-47 and Virginia Tech beat State77-69.  A good day for the Commonwealth.

Thursday Night ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Georgia Tech @ Miami 7:00 ESPN2
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 7-1 .875 20-2 .909
North Carolina 6-1 .857 16-5 .762
Florida State 6-2 .750 16-6 .727
Virginia Tech 5-3 .625 15-6 .714
Clemson 4-4 .500 15-7 .682
Boston College 4-4 .500 14-8 .636
Maryland 4-4 .500 14-8 .636
Georgia Tech 3-4 .429 10-10 .500
Virginia 3-5 .375 12-10 .545
NC State 2-6 .250 12-10 .545
Miami 1-6 .143 12-9 .571
Wake Forest 1-6 .143 8-14 .364

Virginia has made a habit of blowing games late this season, but not this time. After holding Clemson 13 points in the first half, Virginia let them back in the game before Mustapha Farrakhan hit the go-ahead basket with about a half-minute left and then closed the Tigers out with free throws.

As for State, no question that Virginia Tech is a mentally tough team, but there's no reason why State can't be too.

The Pack got embarrassed on the boards in the first half, getting smoked 27-12. Sidney Lowe tried to push various buttons but nothing made a difference.

In the second half, State did try to rallym but it was too little too late. Unfortunately, this is turning into yet another dreary season in Raleigh as the legacy of Everett Case  slips further and further into the past.

There's no question in our mind that State could be revived, but it seems harder and harder to imagine Sidney Lowe  being the one to do it.

Speaking of State, after Gavin Grant's arrest, the last thing they needed was another former player in trouble.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what they got: former Wolfpack guard Anthony Grundy was arrested and charged with DWI for the fifth time.

He's in serious trouble now, and a long way from his glory days.  You have to work hard, or at least drink hard, to get arrested five times.

The evidence suwho him him him him him himggests that Grundy, who was truly a nice guy during his time at State, has developed a serious opponent in alcohol.  We hope he realizes it and seeks help. He might not be so lucky next time, whenever he gets out of prison.

One game Thursday night as Georgia Tech visits Miami.

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