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ACC Roundup

Four games Saturday in the ACC, not counting Duke of course, since we always deal with them separately.   None of these games are particularly exciting.  Boston College visits Virginia for a battle of fast vs. slow, Miami has a sunshine State battle with Florida State, which is sort of offense vs. defense, Georgia Tech visits State, which is sort of inept vs. inept, or hot seat vs. hot seat if you will, and Wake Forest travels to Clemson to continue their death spiral.

Saturday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Boston College @ Virginia 12:00 RSN
Miami @ Florida State 2:00 ACC Network
Georgia Tech @ NC State 2:00 ACC Network
Wake Forest @ Clemson 4:00 RSN
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 12-1 .923 26-2 .929
North Carolina 11-2 .846 21-6 .778
Florida State 9-4 .692 19-8 .704
Virginia Tech 8-5 .615 18-8 .692
Clemson 7-6 .538 18-9 .667
Maryland 7-6 .538 18-10 .643
Boston College 6-7 .462 16-11 .593
Miami 5-8 .385 17-11 .607
Virginia 5-8 .385 14-13 .519
NC State 4-9 .308 14-13 .519
Georgia Tech 3-10 .231 11-16 .407
Wake Forest 1-12 .077 8-20 .286

Still, there are storylines to consider.  In Charlottesville, two new coaches strive to establish themselves more firmly. While both have faced challenges, both also show considerable promise, and each has what the other would like:  Tony Bennett has defense, which Boston College lacks, while Steve Donahue has a potent offense, which Virginia lacks. Tough call, but we will take Virginia although B.C.'s hopes can't be dead yet.

Also a tough call: Miami and Florida State. If Chris Singleton were available, there would be no question who would win this game.  But he's not available, and Miami has won five of their last seven.  If you remember, they went through about eight games where the margin of victory or defeat was never more than four points. That has abated.  Their last three games featured a 20 and nine point win along with (you guessed it) a four point loss.

What to make of Georgia Tech at State?  Both teams are likely to undergo regime change at the end of the season, but you still have to play the games.  State probably has more size and talent; Tech is probably closer to being a fully functional team. Who wins?  Who cares?  Not many people anymore.

Even less care about Wake at this point.  Clemson should win with little trouble.

While these games are  not inspiring, on Sunday Maryland visits Carolina with a chance to build bubble credibility. Maryland usually does pretty well against UNC, and the matchup inside between Jordan Williams and Tyler Zeller/John Henson should be invigorating.