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ACC Roundup!

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Not that there's much  reason to care about this, but Georgia Tech beat Chattanooga, 62-53.

Thursday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Clemson @ NC State 7:00 PM Not this time
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 11-1 .917 24-2 .923
North Carolina 9-2 .818 19-6 .760
Florida State 8-3 .727 18-7 .720
Virginia Tech 7-4 .636 17-7 .708
Clemson 6-5 .545 17-8 .680
Boston College 6-5 .545 16-9 .640
Maryland 5-6 .455 16-10 .615
Miami 4-7 .364 16-10 .615
NC State 3-7 .300 13-11 .542
Virginia 3-8 .273 12-13 .480
Georgia Tech 3-8 .273 11-14 .440
Wake Forest 1-10 .091 8-18 .308

Apparently, the Yellowjackets didn't care much either. Check out the AP's lead: "Iman Shumpert has been one of the few bright spots in Georgia Tech's difficult season...His job never seems easy, even against a non-conference opponent like Chattanooga, but Shumpert insists on hustling even if some of his teammates aren't."

Pretty much sums that up :fans have quit showing up and perhaps the players have as well.

Except of course for Shumpert.

In fairness, perhaps they were looking forward to Sunday's game at Duke.

And what does Paul Hewitt think of that? "They really aren’t very complicated. They are talented and they are shooting the ball very well, but I think the number one thing is to defend the three-point line and build your game plan from there."

In the Washington Post, John Feinstein tells Dan Steinberg that he was not allowed to discuss Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder on Tony Kornheiser's radio show, something he was not very happy about but accepted:

"Look, we all have blind spots. If you tell me something bad about Paul Goydos or Tom Watson or Gary Williams or Mike Krzyzewski or Mary Carillo or Joe Torre or Bobby Cox I'm not going to listen."

So it's no great surprise to see a sympathetic article about Williams from Feinstein.

As Feinstein points out, Maryland has struggled to make the tournament in five of the last seven years. We're not saying that Williams is the same sort of coach as Hewitt or Sidney Lowe, but Feinstein's indulgence is striking, not least of all given the harshness he often turns toward his own alma mater of Duke.

You may recall that not too long ago for instance that, he expressed bewilderment and some resentment that Duke had not recognized him as a graduate of distinction.  Institutions are made up of people however, and it's certainly possible that the people he has attacked simply didn't want to answer that with praise.  He would probably argue that that's another sort of blind spot, one which he does not deserve.

Possibly true, but human nature being what it is, he probably shouldn't expect that anytime soon.

But back to the point: if a sustained pattern of weak results is going to force Hewitt and El Sid from their posts, or at the very least subject them to harsh criticism, why should Williams get a pass?  We've come to expect biting sarcasm and bluntness from Feinstein. Apparently that doesn't apply to his friends; make of that what you will.

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