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Barry Jacobs Plays The Name Game!

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A random cliché flitted at the edge of consciousness the other day when Florida State played Georgia Tech, and a defensive alignment had White on Rice –FSU’s Okaro White guarding theYellow Jackets’ Glen Rice, Jr.

One thing led to another, and we got cooking on a few name teams of note in this year’s ACC ranks. We tried to be thorough, but doubtless overlooked a few likely candidates:


  • Cortney Dunn, BC
  • Danny Rubin, BC
  • Mason Plumlee, D
  • Miles Plumlee, D
  • Seth Curry, D
  • Derwin Kitchen, FS
  • Jon Kreft, FS
  • Brian Oliver, GT
  • Glen Rice, Jr., GT
  • Pe’Shon Howard, M
  • Leslie McDonald, NC
  • Terrell Bell, VT
  • Manny Atkins, VT


  • Cortney Dunn, BC
  • Jonah Baize, C
  • Ryan Kelly, D
  • Okaro White, FSU
  • Rion Brown, Mi
  • Lorenzo Brown, NCS
  • Erick Green, VT


  • Devin Booker, C
  • (John) Milton Jennings, C
  • Kyrie (Washington) Irving, D
  • Tyler Thornton (Wilder), D
  • Bernard (Henry) James, FS
  • Ian (Henry) Miller, FS
  • Maurice (Arthur) Miller, GT
  • Daniel Miller, GT
  • Glen (Anne) Rice, Jr., GT
  • Jordan (Tennessee) Williams, M
  • James (Hilton) Padgett, M
  • Durand (Sir Walter) Scott, Mi
  • Garrius (Douglas) Adams, Mi
  • Adrian (Dylan) Thomas, Mi
  • Mike Scott, V
  • Will (Rogers) Sherrill, V
  • Ty (Alice) Walker, WF
  • Carson (McCullers) Desrosiers, WF


  • A.J. Yawn, FS
  • C.J. Leslie, NCS
  • C.J. Williams, NCS
  • KT Harrell, V*
  • J.T. Thompson, VT#
  • C.J. Harris, WF
  • J.T. Terrell, WF

*  Keyion Tobias Harrell renders the initials by which he’s known without periods.

#  Sidelined entire season due to injury.


  • Reggie Jackson, BC
  • Jerai Grant, C
  • Tyler Thornton, D
  • Malcolm Grant, Mi
  • Garrius Adams, Mi
  • Reggie Johnson, Mi
  • Harrison Barnes, NC
  • Tyler Zeller, NC
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