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ACC Roundup!

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Three games on Tuesday night: Miami steps out of conference to play Greensboro, Wake Forest travels to Chapel Hill to serve as a confidence builder for the Heels, and Maryland heads west to Blacksburg to take on an increasingly confident Virginia Tech bunch.

Tuesday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Miami @ UNC Greensboro 7:00 PM No way
Wake Forest @ North Carolina 8:00 PM ACC Network
Maryland @ Virginia Tech 8:00 PM ACC Network
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 10-1 .909 23-2 .920
North Carolina 8-2 .800 18-6 .750
Florida State 8-3 .727 18-7 .720
Virginia Tech 6-4 .600 16-7 .696
Clemson 6-5 .545 17-8 .680
Boston College 6-5 .545 16-9 .640
Maryland 5-5 .500 16-9 .640
Miami 4-7 .364 15-10 .600
NC State 3-7 .300 13-11 .542
Virginia 3-7 .300 12-12 .500
Georgia Tech 3-8 .273 10-14 .417
Wake Forest 1-9 .100 8-17 .320

Maryland could force a four-way tie for fourth place, but more importantly, with little to recommend them to the committee, a win over Virginia Tech would be very helpful.

Are they lining up for a good finish? The Hokies will be tough, but after that they get State and Florida State (without Chris Singleton) at home, followed by a trip to UNC, and to Miami, before finishing with Virginia at home.

We wouldn't bet on a six-game winning streak, but we wouldn't bet against it either.  If they finish with 10 or 11 wins, things change a bit.

Virginia Tech's stretch run is probably easier: after Maryland they travel to Virginia, then to Wake Forest, back home for Duke and Boston College before closing out with a trip Clemson.

Duke is a problem for anybody, but otherwise, there's no particular reason why they can't win the rest of those games.

As we've argued for some time now, the reason the ACC hasn't been so hot is coaching.  Boston College, Wake Forest and Virginia have  made corrections and Oliver Purnell left on his own.

Now it looks increasingly likely that North Carolina State and Georgia Tech are also prepared to part ways with their respective coaches.

The demise of El Sid seems all but certain in Raleigh, and the fact that fans have walked away from the Thriller Dome in droves also suggests that Georgia Tech may see their hand forced, buyout be damned.

Latest blow: Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is (again) calling for Hewitt's dismissal.

Obviously he's not a fan, but it's very hard to take issue with the point he's making: it's been a long time since Georgia Tech has meant anything in college basketball.

Although it won't matter for Florida State, as he won't be back in time, Chris Singleton's foot surgery was successful.

By the way, here's an interesting page: Sean May's wedding.

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