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ACC Roundup!

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In Sunday's ACC action, State pounded Wake Forest 80-55, while Virginia Tech clobbered Georgia Tech 102-77.

No Games Monday!
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 10-1 .909 23-2 .920
North Carolina 8-2 .800 18-6 .750
Florida State 8-3 .727 18-7 .720
Virginia Tech 6-4 .600 16-7 .696
Clemson 6-5 .545 17-8 .680
Boston College 6-5 .545 16-9 .640
Maryland 5-5 .500 16-9 .640
Miami 4-7 .364 15-10 .600
NC State 3-7 .300 13-11 .542
Virginia 3-7 .300 12-12 .500
Georgia Tech 3-8 .273 10-14 .417
Wake Forest 1-9 .100 8-17 .320

Anyway you look at it,  Wake Forest and Georgia Tech got their clocks cleaned, not least of all Paul Hewitt, who got booted. "Poor judgment on my part," Hewitt said after the game. "[The] official made his judgment. I have to go with that."

He didn't miss much.  Virginia Tech thoroughly trounced his team. Malcolm Delaney racked up 33 points in the win.

For Georgia Tech, Iman Shumpert scored 27 and went over 1000 points for his career, but the only other player in double figures was Mfon Udofia with 13.

Compare that to the Hokies, where every starter finished in double figures.

Coincidentally, is reporting that Georgia Tech may be eyeing Minnesota's Tubby Smith.  At almost 60, he's a bit older than ideal, but he could stay for several years and build a solid foundation.  And of course, relatively few people relish the idea of retiring in Minnesota.

By chance, the last two times Wake Forest played, we caught part of the games on the radio, and we have to say we've never heard a more frustrated radio crew in our life.  Apparently there's not much to do when your guys are losing other than to pick them apart, which is exactly what State did too.

CJ Leslie returned from suspension, and he played with more maturity than we've seen so far. That requires some context -- but he was impressive, as was State's entire team.  As much as anything, they needed a game like this to regain some confidence.

Speaking of State, former coach Herb Sendek is having some tough times in Tempe. Arizona State got hammered by Arizona Sunday afternoon, 67-52.  ASU has some major injury issues, but nonetheless 52 points and an inept offense sounds very familiar.  The Sun Devils are just 1-11 in the conference and 9-15 overall, suggesting that the love affair with Sendek is probably over. This is compounded by Arizona's resurgence.

Duke and UNC obviously have a rivalry, but there is a respect underlying it.  That doesn't happen with our friends in the desert, who truly find a level of hatred. Losing to Arizona  is a bad career move.

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