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ACC Roundup!

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In Wednesday night ACC action, not that anyone cares, Maryland beat Longwood 106-52, and Miami just barely got by Wake Forest, 74-73.

We don't understand the point of playing Longwood in February. Perhaps they are still searching for rivals.

Thursday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Florida State @ Georgia Tech 7:00 ESPN2
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 9-1 .900 22-2 .917
North Carolina 7-2 .778 17-6 .739
Florida State 6-3 .667 16-7 .696
Clemson 6-4 .600 17-7 .708
Virginia Tech 5-4 .556 15-7 .682
Maryland 5-4 .556 16-8 .667
Boston College 5-5 .500 15-9 .625
Miami 4-6 .400 15-9 .625
Virginia 3-6 .333 12-11 .522
Georgia Tech 3-6 .333 10-12 .455
NC State 2-7 .222 12-11 .522
Wake Forest 1-8 .111 8-16 .333

For Wake Forest, a very tough loss. They were in this game until the bitter end and absolutely could've won it.  It's pretty bad when moral victories are what you aspire to, but realistically, that's where Wake Forest is. At least they're getting close.

As for Miami, the Hurricanes have been in some seriously close games. The total difference in the last eight games?  Try 17 points.  Certainly nobody is blowing them out.

On Thursday, Florida State travels to Atlanta to tame the Yellowjackets.  We wouldn't bet against them.

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