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NBA, Union Ready To Burn It All Down?

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The NBA negotiations seem to be going nowhere and both sides are playing hardball, a mixed sports metaphor if ever there was one.  The owners made a "final" offer, with a deadline of Wednesday, but the players are standing firm. We heard something earlier today, which we can't verify, but if it's true it should give them pause: MLS outdrew the NBA last year.

If they pull a baseball and seriously alienate their fans, it'll be a very long time before they win them back.  And by fans we don't mean people buying shoes and posters, but the saps willing to pay $200 and up to see a game.

We've seen some people ripping Michael Jordan lately as a traitor to the players.  What planet are they on? Aside from the fact that he's no longer a player, he's on the other team now.  And in case you forgot, this is the guy who was so insanely competitive that the Bulls banned him from lifting weights with Horace Grant because they worried Jordan would hurt himself trying to beat Grant.

It's not about being a former player for Jordan; that's over.  It's about winning.  The union is on the other side now, and Jordan absolutely detests losing. That's the context you need to remember.

It's also worth remembering that they're all going to lose, and lose massively, if the season is off. Just ask baseball.

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