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Utterly Shocking News Out Of Happy Valley

We were sort of following the Penn State story about former assistant Jerry Sandusky being charged with sexually abusing young boys, but when we were reading the latest story this paragraph fairly leaped off the page:

"Athletic director Tim Curley, 57, and Penn State vice president for finance and business Gary Schultz, 62, both of Boalsburg, were expected to turn themselves in Monday in Harrisburg. Schultz's position includes oversight of the university's police department."

Not to mention this: "Longtime head coach Joe Paterno, who has more victories than any coach in the history of Division I football, was not charged, authorities said, and the grand jury report did not appear to implicate him in wrongdoing. It said that when Paterno first learned of one report of abuse, he immediately reported it to Curley, but Sandusky was no longer coaching at the time and it's not clear whether Paterno followed up with Curley."

For the boys in question, whether Sandusky is found guilty or not, this is bound to be an absolute nightmare.  For Penn State, this could be profoundly destructive.