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ACC Roundup

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Another day, another bad injury for an ACC team:  Maryland lost Pe'shon Howard recently to a broken foot.  Virginia Tech lost J.T. Howard for the second straight year on Wednesday as he blew out his right ACL.  Last year it was his left.  You have to feel for the guy - that's 24 straight months of rehab.

You don't hear this every day: Maryland coach Mark Turgeon said the NCAA was "more than fair" in how it dealt with Alex Len's case and so no, they won't be appealing.  No Len bias here! (yes, we do think we're the first) Apparently Terrapanoia has not yet set in for Turgeon.

And Len got quite emotional when he got the word.

By the way, Maryland's exhibition game is against Rollie Massimino's #1 ranked NAIA team.  Len can play in that one before sitting.

At Duke and after, Steve Spurrier has always had a genius for provoking opponents.  A few years ago, a Virginia kid said that he hated Duke, but had no idea why. We knew why: Spurrier irritated former coach Jim Welsh so severely that he never got over it.

That may be happening now with State and UNC.  Everett Withers took some nasty pop shots at State, suggesting that UNC was the state's flagship school and that academically, State was not in the same ballpark. He was referring to football.

We think.

State's Tom O' Brien was not amused and ripped into Withers in a big way, saying in so many words that any bunch of cheaters like UNC has been lately has no business criticizing anyone for anything:

“Here is a guy that’s on a football staff that ends up in Indianapolis. . .If you take three things that you can’t do in college football, you have an agent on your staff. You’re paying your players. And you have academic fraud. That’s a triple play as far as the NCAA goes. So I don’t know that he has anything to talk about or they have anything to talk about. If that’s what people want in their flagship university in North Carolina, then so be it.”

The handshake should be fun, and the game is very likely to be more heated than usual.

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