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Bernie Fine Fired

After the bizarre tape released by Bobby Davis, in which Bernie Fine's wife Laurie apparently concedes that she knew of the alleged molestation of Davis, that her husband had "issues" and "needed help."

There are many strange parts of the tape, but one sad part is an insight into the not-so-Fine marriage, which Mrs. Fine said has lacked intimacy for a long time due to Bernie's alleged desire for young boys, which led her to say this:  "...You know what, go to a place where there’s gay boys. Find yourself a gay boy. ... Get your rocks off, and have it be over with."

Apparently advice she took herself as she seems to have bedded Davis when he was 18.

Pretty clearly this is over the top and Syracuse canned Fine about as soon as it learned of the tapes.

Mrs. Fine apparently suggested in the past that the tape was doctored, but ESPN has verified that it is Davis and Mrs. Fine, and if the tape was tampered with, it'd very easy to establish that.  Quite frankly, if it's a digital recording, any idiot could tell.

If this holds up, the Fines are not quite in Jerry Sandusky's alleged league as criminals, but they are in his neighborhood as moral monsters.