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NBA, Players Reach Tentative Agreement

Looks like wiser heads prevailed and the NBA will have a season after all. While the players are expeced to approve the deal that hasn't formally happened yet. Here are some details:

  • Training camp and free agency will open on December 9th with the season to open on Christmas day with a triple header.
  • The season will be 66 games long.
  • The age limit is not yet established.
  • The deal is for 10 years but either side can kill it after six.
  • Players will get between
  • The playoffs and finals will be later than normal, which may affect the Olympic team (no word yet on specifics here).
  • The split will be 50% but could be either 51 or 99 depending on a profit formula

Jeffrey Kessell, who had upset the owners with some inflammatory statements, was supplanted by Jim Quinn, who union chief Billy Hunter felt could still talk to the league.

Check back for more links later but here are a few for now, plus some Duke and other Tweets about the apparent end of the lockout:

NdotSmittyNolan D. Smith
Time to play!!! I'm all smiles today!

ShaneBattier Shane Battier

Geesh, just read my tweet, I sound like a conservative old man. Haha. Happy to start talking hoops instead of legal terms.

ShaneBattierShane Battier
I am happy it looks like we ll get to start winning our fans back. Thanks for the patience. Need to read new details before I pop the bubbly

NdotSmittyNolan D. Smith
Great Morning!! I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't April fools day! @iamSydneySmith waking me up at 3:45am lol

WojYahooNBAAdrian Wojnarowski
One vet player texting me, doubting he'll vote to approve deal. "We (bleeping) caved," he said. He's been entrenched on issues entire way.

WojYahooNBAAdrian Wojnarowski
Amazing. Several of the NBA's Labor Relations Committee members went to bed believing there would be no deal after Kessler called into room.

StephenCurry30Stephen Curry
How I feel right now lol