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Football Closes Out At UNC

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On Saturday, Duke's football season comes to a close at UNC.  The record has been a disappointment, but consider first of all that this is still a young and building team, second that they have moved from being a joke to being a competitive team and it's been a long time since people could say that about Duke.  And third, not least of all in these times, Duke has behaved and competed honorably.  The scandal at Penn State has thrown an ugly shadow over all college sports, but the scandal at UNC is not to be forgotten: plagiarism, a coach steering his players to an agent, and the rest.  You've all read the stories we assume, and there is not need to itemize them again.

If UNC wins, and certainly they'll be favored, Duke will leave the field with none of that shame.  They will walk off the field winners, just as surely as the seniors will walk on graduation day as winners.  All of us would prefer to win bowl games and all the rest, but given what we've seen lately, we hope all Duke fans can agree on the importance of honor in college athletics. Duke has that and we are fortunate to have a coach who competes honorably; not everyone does. We're sorry to say that includes our usually honorable opponent this week.

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