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The Big East - Not That Impressive To Date

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So with the Big East supposedly the uberconference to rule and bind them all, what's going on up there this season? Well, not great stuff:

UConn just lost to UCF and got pushed by Asheville, Louisville just barely got by Ohio, Pitt lost to Long Beach at home, St. Louis took out Villanova, Providence lost to Iowa State and got pushed by Southern and also got tough games from Fairfield and Farleigh-Dickinson.

Seton Hall has lost to Northwestern and St. Francis took them to overtime. DePaul lost to the only meaningful team they've played, Minnesota, by one. West Virginia lost to Kent and was pushed by non-entity Oral Roberts.

South Florida has lost to Penn State and ODU. Cincinnati has lost to Presbyterian and Marshall, both at home.  And Rutgers has lost to Miami, Illinois State and Richmond.

Notre Dame has lost to ranked Mizzou and also Georgia, both credible. Both of St. John's losses were to ranked teams, so to an extent both teams are exempt from this criticism.

Syracuse is undefeated but didn't exactly roll over Virginia Tech or Stanford in the preseason NIT. Marquette is also undefeated but hasn't really challenged themselves.  Unusually, they have play Norfolk State twice, winning the first time by 31 and the second by two.

It's early, but come on - there's a lot of weakness in there.

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