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Barry Jacobs With A Thanksgiving Chart!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and what better way to keep abreast of basketball during the holiday than noting which teams play hungry, dissecting the play of high-scoring wings, and otherwise stuffing our heads with thoughts of food?

So, here you go.

No tryptophan, either.


Current ACC Players Only

  • Danny Rubin, BC
  • Quinn Cook, D
  • Seth Curry, D
  • Marshall Plumlee, D
  • Mason Plumlee, D
  • Miles Plumlee, D
  • Glen Rice, Jr., GT
  • Erick Green, VT
  • Daniel Green, WF

The Greens not only belong to a consumable group, but to a more colorful aggregation:

  • Ryan Kelly, D
  • Okaro White, FSU
  • Rion Brown, Mi
  • Stillman White, NC
  • Lorenzo Brown, NCS
  • Robert Brown, VT
  • Erick Green, VT
  • Daniel Green, WF

Duke's Kelly is the most prominent member of a squad linked by their first names:

  • Ryan Kilcullen, BC
  • Ryan Anderson, BC
  • Ryan Kelly, D
  • Rion Brown, Mi
  • Ryan Keenan, WF

The Ryans aren't the only five-member group united by their first names:

  • Tyler Thornton, D
  • Tyler Zeller, NC
  • Tyler Harris, NCS
  • Tyrone Garland, VT
  • Ty Walker, WF