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David Cutcliffe Deserves Our Support

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Duke lost a tough game to Georgia Tech Saturday 38-31, but consider: they lost to Richmond by two, Wake by one, Virginia Tech by four and were reasonably competitive with Virginia, losing by 10.

Stanford, Florida State and Miam were bad losses, but those are superior teams.  It happens.

Duke has had some tough breaks this year, but as we have pointed out previously, this is a very young team.

And while some people may look at the record and think that Duke hasn't made progress, that's not at all true.

Duke has moved from being a joke to being a team capable of scaring Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. If you don't see that as progress, better go back to where Duke was before David Cutcliffe showed up. If you've forgotten, we haven't.

You have to take things one step at a time when Duke was as far down as it was.  Becoming a competitive program is a huge accomplishment.

In our opinion, Kevin White should emulate Tom Butters and give Cutcliffe an extension.  He's done a superb job under tough circumstances and realistically, a rebuilding job like Duke's is more than a four-year process. But the evidence is clear: Duke is moving into an overwhelmingly positive direction, and Cutcliffe is responsible for that.

Note: we don't follow football nearly as closely as basketball and didn't remember that Cutcliffe has already gotten an extension.  Now he needs support from Duke fans because he deserves it.

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