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Sorrow In The Heartland

We were a bit behind this weekend, so we haven't caught up to everything.  Our focus is Duke first, then the ACC, then beyond, so while we knew about the accident involving Oklahoma State, we didn't get a chance to read much about it. It sounds like Coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna had significant effects on their school and beyond.  It's truly sad, doubly so because of OSU's  previous tragedy involving the men's team. Former Cowboy Doug Gottlieb tweeted this: “Budke and Serna were a class act — Remember the Ten and now this — just doesnt seem fair/real/possible RIP.”

After learning some of the details, we had to wonder about the pilot.  God bless anyone who is 82 and still active, but we're not sure that being a pilot is the best bet at that age. He and his wife both perished in the crash.