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Next Up - Shaw

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On Wednesday, Duke welcomes Shaw in for an exhibition game, and it's not the normal fare.

Aside from Shaw being local, which is a nice thing, they are a school in perpetual financial peril.  A game at Duke helps them in that regard more than it would most opponents.

They also have an important mission as an HBCU.

All this is vastly complicated by last spring's tornado, which landed a direct hit on their campus and forced the school to take drastic steps like canceling exams, canceling graduation and sending the students home.

So when they come into Cameron, in our opinion, they should get more than the average welcome.  This is a tough, gritty school. They took a major blow and bounced back about as well as anyone could.

In short, honestly, we should give them immense respect and appreciation for their heart and courage.  It's incredibly impressive, and it's about a lot more than basketball.

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