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The Bernie Fine Situation

We aren't entirely sure what to make of the allegations against Syracuse Bernie Fine but did note a few things which gave us pause:

First, that the corroborating party (so far) was his step-brother.  Obviously you can't rule anything out in an investigation, but that's not necessarily a strong point. Second, that others who Bobby Davis suggested were molested by Fine said they weren't, including Davis's biological brother.

In Jerry Sandusky's case, as many as 20 alleged victims may have come forth and witnesses as well. So far, at least publicly, that's not the case here.

Third, Jim Boeheim. Boeheim has known Fine since 1963, when they were in college together. Obviously a pedophile is going to hide his nature, but over 40 years you'd think Boeheim would have some idea that Fine was, well, not fine.  There have been suggestions from the Penn State case that Joe Paterno is a man well past his prime, but that's certainly not the case with Boeheim, who is sharp, acerbic and more than capable of insights into his staff and friends.

Boeheim has come out firmly for Fine. Moreover, he certainly must have known of the allegations in 2002, when they were first made.

And of course that investigation yielded nothing.

Finally, Davis suggests that he was molested from the seventh grade until he was 28.  With all due respect, even if a young boy is manipulated, at some point he is old enough and big enough to put an end to things.  Is it possible that he allowed this to continue to the age of 28?

It's a bit confusing, as is human nature in general of course, to suggest on the one hand that Fine engaged in pedophilia but continued the assaults well into Davis's adult years.

New York state law says that after a victim turns 23, charges can no longer be pressed, which suggests that the police are investigating a different case.

We don't know exactly what happened in 2002, but Syracuse has handled this much better, to date, than has Penn State.  Fine has been put on leave during the investigation.

If it turns out that he's guilty, then the law should fall on him like a collapsing brick wall.  However, if he's innocent, how does he recover from this?