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Durham D.A.'s Office: Worse Than Ever?

Five years after the Duke lacrosse hoax, Durham still can't get a decent D.A.: Tracy Cline, who has had her judgement and credibility impeached several times, was thoroughly ripped by a judge for her handling of a murder investigation.  Here's the skinny:

[Judge Orlando] Hudson ruled that Cline delayed presenting Dorman's case to the grand jury long enough so that the remains could be cremated before a judge could order that evidence in the case be preserved. Cline then misled Dorman's attorney for months, the judge ruled, making him believe that the State Medical Examiner's Office still had a portion of the remains and that the rest had been buried.

Cline also dropped the initial charge filed against Dorman – concealing a body and failure to report a death – because that would have required her to preserve Boxley's remains, Hudson ruled.


Whatever you do, try not to get arrested in the Bull City.

It would be nice, someday, if Durham had an honest, fair and competent District Attorney.  We're not sure they've had one since last century.