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Barry Jacobs On The Most Frightening Number

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There was a time when it seemed a daring choice for a player to wear a jersey with the number 13. These days, not so much.

A majority of ACC teams start 2011-12 with a player wearing the numeral still considered so unlucky, tall buildings routinely avoid designating a 13th floor, improbably proceeding straight from 12 to 14.

Blue Devils Who Wore No. 13
Player Seasons
Michael Gbinje 2012
Olek Crzyz 2009,10
Lee Melchionni 2003-06
J.D. Simpson 1999-01
Taymon Domzalski 1996-98
Joe Cook 1988-90
Brent Kitching 1963-65
Don Miller 1958
Tony Buhowsky 1956
Herky Lamley 1954-55

Among the seven league players sporting No. 13 this season is Duke's Michael Gbinje. The others: John Cain Carney, a Boston College freshman; Georgia Tech sophomore McPherson Moore; Maryland freshman Arnold Richmond; Thomas de Thaey, an N.C. State freshman; Virginia senior Sammy Zeglinski; and Virginia Tech freshman Erik Sorenson.

Gbinje is hardly the first Blue Devil to defy triskaidekaphobia, the superstitious belief that number 13 is unlucky. While we wouldn't exactly call the roll of Devils who wore the numeral distinguished, it is more extensive (and more difficult to spell) than one might expect.

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