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Welllll...Not Exactly

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Maryland fans are fond of insisting that Duke fans see the competition between the schools the same way they do: with a burning hot ferocity.  Take this guy, for instance.

Oh, yes hell it is a rivalry, they say.

But here's the thing:  Duke fans don't even really think about Maryland until it's game time, and when it's over, win or lose, we tend to go back to our primary preoccupation which is eight miles down the road.

There's simply no equivalency.  To the best of our knowledge, Duke fans have never once, not one single time, chanted go to hell Terrapins, go to hell! Never in the Maryland game and certainly never in any other game.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Don't misunderstand,  Duke fans are gleeful when the Devils beat Maryland. But when they lose, the sting lasts about an hour and then we look down the schedule: Clemson, Wake Forest, whoever. In our opinion, Duke's disdain for Maryland has much more to do with their fans than their team.  Win or lose, it is not and never can be as important to us as it is to you.

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