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ACC Roundup!

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In Saturday's ACC action, Florida State visits Clemson, Virginia travels down to Wake Forest, and State buses over to Chapel Hill for the grudge match with UNC.

Saturday's ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Florida State @ Clemson 12:00 ACC Network
NC State @ North Carolina 2:00 ESPN
Virginia @ Wake Forest 4:00 ACC Network
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 6-1 .857 19-1 .950
Florida State 5-1 .833 15-5 .750
North Carolina 4-1 .800 14-5 .737
Boston College 4-3 .571 14-7 .667
Clemson 3-3 .500 14-6 .700
Virginia Tech 3-3 .500 13-6 .684
Maryland 3-3 .500 13-7 .650
Georgia Tech 3-3 .500 10-9 .526
NC State 2-4 .333 12-8 .600
Virginia 2-4 .333 11-9 .550
Miami 1-5 .167 12-8 .600
Wake Forest 0-5 .000 7-13 .350

Although Roy Williams is trying to pass this off as a dangerous game, it's also a game where a dispirited State team is trying to pull it together on the road against their biggest rival.   They do have talent, but it's a tough game for them under any circumstances.  The Tar Heels are playing reasonably well and their confidence is rising.  It's been awhile since State was a big threat in Chapel Hill.

Apparently, Harrison Barnes is now known as the Black Falcon.  Well, if they insist. Nicknames though are earned, not bestowed by Bristol.

Over the next couple of years, a Florida State-Clemson  should be one of the most intense defensive matchups in the conference.  Clemson can't match Florida State's standard yet, but look for them to improve as Brad Brownell builds his program

As for Wake Forest, the sad thing is that they probably have more talent than Virginia, but so far it's dysfunctional. However, getting  Tony Chennault back can't hurt.  This is probably one of Wake's best chances to get an ACC game, but if they don't play hard and consistently, it'll never happen.  They have a real chance here -- if they take it.

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