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Okay, Lawyers, Give Your Professional Opinion!

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After our comments yesterday about Malcolm Delaney's mother apparently being assaulted in Comcast, a Maryland fan wrote and suggested we ask some Duke lawyers if Maryland could indeed be sued if visiting fans were injured during a game at Comcast. Well, this place is crawling with lawyers, so where better to ask?

We have talked about this repeatedly over the years, including the attack on Carlos Boozer's mom, Wake fans who e-mailed us and said they were advised by stadium security to hide under their seats if Wake beat Maryland, and the periodically inept attempts by Maryland to put an end to violence, among other things.

We'd be very interested to know if you would take a case -- say for instance Mrs. Delaney had been hit by a full water bottle like Mrs. Boozer was -- what you think your odds would be and if you think you could win, how much.  And also what the basis of a case would be.

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