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ACC Roundup!

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In Thursday night's sole ACC game, Virginia Tech, apparently not satisfied with Malcolm Delaney's pre- game shots at Maryland fans, completely dismantled the Terps on their home floor.

No Games Friday!
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 4-1 .800 17-1 .944
Boston College 4-1 .800 14-5 .737
Florida State 4-1 .800 14-5 .737
North Carolina 3-1 .750 13-5 .722
Virginia Tech 3-2 .600 12-5 .706
Clemson 2-2 .500 13-5 .722
Georgia Tech 2-2 .500 9-8 .529
Miami 1-3 .250 12-6 .667
Maryland 1-3 .250 11-7 .611
NC State 1-3 .250 11-7 .611
Virginia 1-3 .250 10-8 .556
Wake Forest 0-4 .000 7-12 .368

Despite their considerable problems with injuries, Virginia Tech played like a team that could go a long way in the tournament.

We will admit to having written them off after the injury plague started, but clearly that was premature. These guys may wear down -- there's not very many of them -- but Thursday night's game was one they will look back on later in life as a high point in their college career.

We didn't see the entire game, but we did see part of a brilliant performance by Delaney.

Virginia Tech limited Maryland to 35.7% shooting on their own court and administered the worst whipping Maryland has yet suffered in Comcast.

At 1-3 in the conference and 11-7 overall, the Terrapins find themselves in the familiar position of having to thread an NCAA needle.

As for Seth Greenberg, he he probably should be considered, along with Steve Donahue, is one of the leading candidates for ACC Coach Of the Year.

After the game, Gary Williams had these comments:

"After a game like that, you wonder where that [effort] comes from compared to the efforts of last week. Playing three games in six days and the effort we made tonight was another thing. Obviously, we had more rest than we had for those other games last week. The thing that I can do as a coach is challenge the team to play Clemson at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, that's all we can do right now. Where this came from tonight, the way we played, pretty much the whole game, was a one-game thing. The games we've lost before, they weren't like that. Tonight was a different type of situation. Virginia Tech played well; Green probably had a career game. We just didn't seem to have the energy that Virginia Tech had. To their credit, they won the game. That's where we are now, we need to work on preparation and we'll be ready to go. It will be intense, playing a good Clemson team. We'll have to see what type of team we are and we go through this during the year. You can always lose, but I think it's how you lose that matters. I'm not real happy, anticipating Saturday. We still get to play Saturday, some 36 hours from now. I'm looking forward to the game."

With Wake Forest really hitting the skids, the hiring of Jeff Bzdelik is undergoing fresh criticism.  Brett Friedlander takes a look at where Wake stands now, and some of the other surprising hires in the ACC's past.
This is the second time recently we've seen speculation that Bzdelik and A.D. Ron Wellman could both lose their jobs after the season.

So who else is on the hot seat -- or on the way there?  Well, the obvious candidates  are Sidney Lowe and Paul Hewitt. However, given the fickle nature of Maryland fans, it won't surprise us if they turn on Williams again as they did a couple of years ago.

Nor would it surprise us if Frank Haith bolted for greener pastures.

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