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ACC Roundup!

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No question that State is a young team, but it doesn't mean they have to be a stupid one.

Wednesday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Georgia Tech @ Clemson 7:00 FSN
Maryland @ Wake Forest 8:00 ACC Network
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Boston College 3-0 1.000 13-4 .765
Duke 2-0 1.000 15-0 1.000
North Carolina 1-0 1.000 11-4 .733
Clemson 1-1 .500 12-4 .750
Virginia Tech 1-1 .500 10-4 .714
Florida State 1-1 .500 11-5 .688
NC State 1-1 .500 11-5 .688
Virginia 1-1 .500 10-6 .625
Georgia Tech 0-1 .000 7-7 .500
Wake Forest 0-1 .000 7-9 .438
Miami 0-2 .000 11-5 .688
Maryland 0-2 .000 10-5 .667

Nonetheless, they were at the end of the game against Boston College.

First they were helpless against Reggie Jackson, who blew by Lorenzo Brown as if he were standing still and torched State for 29 points.

Then, with State holding a three-point lead, the defense collapsed.

First, Jackson had a two-point basket. Then Biko Paris hit a three, followed by one from Corey Raji, followed by another from Paris.

When it was over, the Eagles had a six-point lead with just over two minutes left, and the Pack was finished.

As the final seconds ticked down, Sidney Lowe's face told the story: anger, frustration and disbelief as his team collapsed under pressure with no more resistance than a house of cards.

Look, things happen and as Jeff Bzdelik will tell you, you just have to grow up and work through them.

In State's case, a game like this can be a turning point, and they could turn either way: watch the rest of the season collapse, and gain strength and grow.

On the other hand though, Boston College is sitting pretty. Picked by most people to finish around 10th in the ACC, they are currently in first place and along with Duke and UNC, are  undefeated.  As of today, Steve Donahue is the  leading candidate for ACC Coach of the Year.

Two games to consider on Wednesday as Georgia Tech visits Clemson one day late after heavy snow, and Maryland heads to Wake Forest.

At 0-2, Maryland's ACC record does not reflect their progress.  They are viewing this game as a must-win and honestly, they should, particularly if they play with the intensity they showed at Cameron.

In the other game, given Georgia Tech's erratic play and Clemson's power inside, we would have to take the Tigers.

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